Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 22.2   Fall 2023

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Author Bios


Eckhart and the Ek-Sistence of God:

A Mystical Quarter Turn in the Theology of the Real

Gabriel Byng, University of Vienna


Introducing Spirit/Dance:

Reconstructed Spiritual Practices

Joshua M. Hall, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Hegel Contra God:

Replying to Gavin Hyman’s “New Hegel”


Rebekah Howes, University of Winchester


The Religious Roots of Environmental Justice

Catherine Keller, Drew University


The Use and Abuse of the Expression “Christian Nationalism”

Carl Raschke, University of Denver


Sikhs as Subalterns:

Voice, Inequality, and Power

Nirvikar Singh,

University of California, Santa Cruz