Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Special International Graduate Student Issue:

Embodiment, Trauma, and the Sacred

Issue 22.1   Spring 2023


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Author Bios


Magdalena Sedmak and Philipp Quell,



Embodied Restoration:

The Cultivation of Quality of Life and Death

Stella Indira Auer, University of Vienna


The Imagination in Spinoza:

The Moral Good Between Prophecy and the Amor Dei Intellectualis

Caterina DeGaetano, Milan State University


The Sacred as Bordering Practice

Anna-Maria Edlinger, École Normale Supérieure (Paris)


Evolution of Colonial Gender Roles

Kevin Grane, University of Denver


Binding Freedom:

Embodiment of the Secular and Religious

Kevin Hujing, University of Denver


The Re-Enchantment of Bodies:

The Transformative Power of Charismatic Healings in the “World of Phenomena”

Anna-Maria Magnasco, University of Turin


Thinking – Life - Organic

Tobias Patry, University of Vienna



Philipp Quell, University of Vienna


Trauma in Emmanuel Levinas’ Writing Body

Magdalena Sedmak, University of Denver


Embodied Trauma and Healing

Anna Westin, St. Melitus College


John Boswell’s History of (Eurochristian) Sexuality and the Case for Transcendental Somatics

Kieryn Wurts, University of Bonn