Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 21.3   Fall 2022




Author Bios


Niddah as Index of Jewish Sexuality:

A Theoretical Foundation for an Anthropology of Menstrual Rituals

Isobel Marie Johnston, Arizona State University


Philosophy as Love:

Unblocking the Road from Athens to Jerusalem

Erik Meganck, FVG Antwerp


Religious Studies as the “State Religion” of Neoliberalism

Carl Raschke, University of Denver


Mormonism and the White Possessive:

Moving Indigenous Critical Studies Theory into the Religious Realm

Hemopereki Simon, University of Kent




Special Section on Arthur Bradley’s Unbearable Life


The following are a series of interviews and exchanges in the area of

political theology concerning Arthur Bradley’s Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure (Columbia University Press, 2019).




A Critical Conversation on “Political Erasure”

Arthur Bradley, Lancaster University

Roger K. Green, Metropolitan State University of Denver; Carl Raschke, University of Denver


Book Forum: The Poetics of Disappearance


Caveat Lector: Introduction

Arthur Bradley



Niall Gildea, Lancaster University



Arthur Bradley


Against Thanatopolitics: A Marrano Intervention

Agata Blielik-Robson, University of Nottingham


The Beautiful Marrano: A Response to Agata Blielik-Robson

Arthur Bradley



Boštjan Nedoh,

Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Otherwise: A Response to Boštjan Nedoh

Arthur Bradley