Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 21.1   Winter 2022



Author Bios


Locating the Oceanic in Sylvia Wynter's "Demonic Ground"


Justine M. Bakker, Radboud University Nijmegen


'Scale Relative Ontology' and Simone Weil's Spiritual Philosophy


N.E. Boulting


The Function of Faith: Theological Constituents in Processual Utopian Methodology


Jerry Burkette, Virginia Tech University


Thomas Aquinas's Body-Soul Dualism and the Hierarchy of Human Dignity in Brazil: The Theological Origins of a Nation's Hierarchical Self-Understanding


Vinicius Marinho, University of Chicago Divinity School


The Broken Middle: Gillian Rose and Paul Against the Empty Sacrifices of Modernity


Michael C. Raubach, Aarhus University


Geschlecht III: Authentic Faith, Religion, and Politics in Derrida's Reading of Heidegger's Geist


Jake Sirota, University of Chicago


The Futurity of God


Lenart Škof, Science and Research Centre Koper