Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 20.3   Fall 2021



Author Bios


Intentionalism and God’s Fiction


Noel Boulting


The Spirituality Of Psychonautics: How Alice In

Wonderland, The Matrix And Other Modern Myths Serve

As Models For New Age Seekership And Identity Formation


John Cuda, Lincoln University


Reorientation in the Field: Why Religion Matters


Wendy Felese, Regis University


“Teach Me To Do What’s Right”: Faith, Hope, and Love as Post-Religious Virtues


A.G. Holdier, University of Arkansas


Antinomian Flesh


David Kline, University of Tennessee


Truth and Irony: The Conception of Truth Beyond Binary Patterns and the Use of Irony for Theological Reasoning


Florian Klug, University of Würzburg


Decoloniality And Disintegration of Western Cognitive Empire –

 Rethinking Sovereignty and Territoriality In The 21st Century:

What Do We Mean By “Decoloniality”?


Catherine Walsh, Walter Mignolo, Fernando Herrero, Tink Tinker