VOL. 18 NO. 3 (FALL 2019)




The Vol. 18, No. 3 (Fall 2019) edition of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory features six essays by known and emerging scholars in the field on how the philosophy of religion contributes theoretically and methodologically to the theory of religion. These essays were originally part of a special session at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting.  While this question is often taken up by philosophers and theorists working outside of religious studies, this set of essays offers compelling answers from thinkers who identify as scholars of religion above all else.  



Author Bios


How Does Philosophy of Religion Contribute to Religious Theory?


Transcendental Frustration: A Critical Re-Evaluation of the Hegelian Legacy for Philosophy of Religion

W. Ezekiel Goggin


Toward Decolonizing Philosophy of Religion: Thinking Heretically with African Indigenous Religions

Patrice Haynes, Liverpool Hope College


Is Academic Theology an Answer to the Problem of the Philosophy of Religion?

Tamsin Jones, Trinity College


A Note on the Pre-Positions Methodology in the Continental Philosophy of Religion

Lucas McCracken, University of California at Santa Barbara


Normative Encounters: A Radical Proposal for Philosophy of Religion

Bradley Onishi, Skidmore College


Of the Of: Genre, Generation and the Continental Philosophy of Religion

Mary Jane Rubenstein, Wesleyan University



Additional Articles


“A Language in Which to Think the World” – Animism, Indigenous Traditions, and the Deprovincialization of Philosophy of Religion

Mikel Burley, University of Leeds


Something to Do with a Girl Named Marla: Eros and Gender in Fincher’s Fight Club

Vernon Cisney, Gettysburg College


From Kant to Hölderlin: Poetry and Religion in the Wake of Philosophical Aesthetics

Jakob Deibl, University of Vienna


Lacan as “Spiritual Director: - On the Relationship between Psychoanalysis and Christian Mysticism

Mark Murphy, St. Mary’s University


Towards a New Comparative Methodology in Religious Studies

Kara Roberts, University of Denver


Religion and Mental Health: The Therapeutic Value of the Teachings of Jesus

Thomas Roberts, San Diego State University

Delbert Hayden, Western Kentucky University


Jonathan Edwards and the Vegan Elect:

An Unconventional Calvinist Reading

Tadd Ruetenik, St. Ambrose University


Spaced and Placed: Hetero-‘Topical’ Intepretations of the Warsaw Ghetto

Madison Tarleton, Uniiversity of Denver/Iliff School of Theology