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JCRT 17.1   Winter 2018 





BenjaminÕs Concept of History as a Source of ArendtÕs Idea of Judgment

Ronald Beiner


Love Strong as Death: Jews Against Heidegger, On the Issue of Finitude

Agata Bielik-Robson


Collective Desire and the Pathology of the Individual

Jodi Dean


Biopolitics and Vajrayana Buddhism

Padraic Fitzgerald


From Heathen to Sub-Human: A Genealogy of the Influence of the Decline of Religion on the Rise of Modern Racism

Oludamini Ogunnaike


A Preface to the Genealogy of Neoliberalism

Carl Raschke


Dreaming Innocence in America: Paul TillichÕs Radical Theology of Liberation

Alan Richard


JesusÕ Spectral Intervention: Derrida, Christianity, and ŌHauntologyĶ

Victor Taylor




If There Is Such a Thing:  Posse Ipsum, the Impossible, and Le Peut-tre Mme, Reading Catherine KellerÕs Cloud of the Impossible

John D. Caputo


Theology as the Practice of (Radical) Alternatives: A Choreographic Encounter with Cloud of the Impossible

Barbara Muraca


Response to Caputo and Muraca: Cosmopoetic Entanglements

Catherine Keller


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