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JCRT 16.2   Spring 2017

Special Issue Editors:  Beatrice Marovich, Alex Dubilet


Gender and the Postsecular




Introduction to the Special Issue

Beatrice Marovich, Alex Dubilet




Of Flesh and Spirit: Race, Reproduction, and Sexual Difference in the Turn to Paul

Amaryah Armstrong


On Ignorant and Insightful Chickens: Why Zizekian Post-Secularity Needs HalberstamÕs Shadow Feminism

Karen Bray 


The Catastrophic Joy of Abandoning Salvation: Thinking the Postsecular with Georges Bataille

Alex Dubilet


Religion, Secularity, Gender, Violence & Death

Beatrice Marovich


Beyond Ecological Democracy: Black Feminist Thought and the End of Man

Eric Daryl Meyer


WhatÕs Missing in the Turn to Paul?  Identity and Difference in Postsecular Theology

Katharine Sarah Moody


Machines of Loving Grace:  Angels, Cyborgs, and Postsecular Labour

Marika Rose






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