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Violence and the Gift
Challenging Continental
Philosophy of Religion

Guest Editors:
Ludger Hagedorn
Michael Staudigl
Jason W. Alvis



Michael Staudigl - Unavowed Ambiguities?: A Plea for Reassessing the Discourse on the Gift

Ruud Welten - Jean-Paul Sartre’s Notebooks for an Ethics: The Ontology of the Gift

Joseph Cohen - Hegel and the Gift of Sacrifice   

Carl Raschke - What Gives? Force, Gift, and the Ongoing "Crisis of the European Sciences"

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback - Negative Responsibility

Jason W. Alvis - The Dark Side of God: A Case for Inconspicuous Givenness

Anthony J. Steinbock - Heidegger, Machination, and the Jewish Question: The Problem of the Gift

Ludger Hagedorn - Rene Girard's Theory of Sacrifice, or: What is the Gift of Death?

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