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Mashup Philosophy of Religion
A Special Issue of The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory  
Guest Editor – J. Aaron Simmons



Nicholas Wolterstorff – Preface   

J. Aaron Simmons – “Introduction: The Dialogical Promise of Mashup Philosophy of Religion”

Part I: Propaedeutic Explorations

  J.L. Schellenberg - "A Shallow Species in Deep Time: Modernism, Postmodernism, and Our Place in the Potential History of Inquiry"

Martin Kavka – “Humanizing Philosophy of Religion: On Language in Levinas and Sellars”

Martin Shuster – “On The Ethical Basis of Language: Some Themes in Davidson, Cavell, and Levinas”    

Nathan R.B. Loewen – “Prolegomena to Any Future Mashups with the Philosophy of Religion”    

Timothy D. Knepper – “Is Mashup the Right Metaphor?”

N.N. Trakakis- “Philosophy Mashed Up and In Crisis”


Part II: Risks Worth Taking



Christina M. Gschwandtner – “Faith: Belief or Practice?”

A.G. Holdier – “Meeting Mary in Myth: Pursuing Pre/Post/Modern Apologetics”

Christy Flanagan-Feddon – “To ‘let religion itself speak’: Feuerbach and Religious Consciousness in Modern Culture”

Markus Weidler – “Vernacular Fundamentalism after Žižek: Some Ethical Concerns about Religious Online Communication”


Part III: New Vistas: From Mashup to Collaboration

  Collaboration One: Virtue, Emotion, and Religion

Jack Mulder, Jr. – “Knowledge, Virtue, and Ontotheology: A Kierkegaardian (Self-) Critique”

Michael R. Kelly – “The Object and Affects of Envy and Emulation”

John Greco – “Dispositions, Habits and Virtues: Comments on Mulder and Kelly"
Collaboration Two: God, Faith, and Argument

Scott F. Aikin – “God and Argument”

Paul K. Moser – “God and Epistemic Authority”

Kevin Schilbrack –
“The Weird Place of God Debates in the Academic Study of Religion”


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