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The Cultural and Political Life of Zombies
                                                A JCRT Special Edition
Introduction: The Cultural Un/Life of Zombies
Victor Taylor, York College of Pennsylvania
Dennis M. Weiss, York College of Pennsylvania

 When zombies appear, they seem to do so from everywhere and all at once. This is true in zombie films and in more recent television shows. It is seldom that just one...


 Beyond the Metaphor: Gay Zombies and the Challenge to Homonormativity
Xavier Aldana Reyes, Manchester Metropolitan University

When queercore pioneer Bruce LaBruce's first zombie film, Otto; or
Up with Dead People (2008), was covered by Slant magazine in 2009,
reviewer Eric Henderson thought...

From the Classical Polis to the Neoliberal Camp: Mapping the Biopolitical Regimes of the Undead in Dawn of the Dead, Zombi 2 and 28 Days Later
Tamas Nagypal, York University, Toronto

The aim of this paper is to map the (bio)political conflicts around the undead body that emerged in early...

Zombie 2.0: Subjectivation in Times of Apocalypse
Yari Lanci, Goldsmiths, University of London

In recent times, the zombie has been celebrated as the "official monster of our Great Recession." From the allegories and metaphors employed by different cultural theorists to...

Doing the Zombie Glitch; Haptic Undeadliness as a Political Theory
Simon Clark, Goldsmiths, University of London

This paper develops a particular enquiry that I first set out during my practice-based doctoral thesis. Whilst my...

Adorno, Zizek and the Zombie: Representing

in an Age of Mass Killing
Gary A. Mullen, Gettysburg College

The opening scene of the Walking Dead presents us with a graveyard of icons. The police cruiser of protagonist, Deputy Rick Grimes, comes to a halt at an intersection...

Living in the Land of the Dead: George Romero, Gilles Deleuze, and the Question of the Zombie
Vernon W. Cisney, Gettysburg College

It would seem that the living dead are ubiquitous these days. The last few years alone have produced such highly successful zombie films as The Cabin in the Woods...

The Watching Dead: The Panoptic Gaze and Ideologic Zombies
Christopher M. Flavin, Northeastern State University

The image of the zombie horde as a sea of undead ghouls, pressed against the fences and barricades surrounding the final pockets of civilized life, is a mainstay of postmodern...

The Walking Dead as Conservative Cultural Critique
Charles Nuckolls, Brigham Young University

 Killing zombies can be understood as a form of ritual sacrifice with two purposes: To reinforce the solidarity of the survivor community, and second, to perform...

The Walking Flesh: Zombies, Narrative Desire, and the
Apostle Paul's Anxious Account of Embodiment
Larry T. Shillock, Wilson College

Lacking the subscription revenue enjoyed by Home Box Office (HBO), the cable network American Movie Classics (AMC) is in the unenviable position of needing to support...

Book Reviews

A review of Vincent W. Lloyd, The Problem with Grace: Reconfiguring Political Theology
Jeffrey Scholes, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The Problem with Grace, at a cursory glance, stands as one more entry in the ever-growing field of political theology - a field that...

A review of Monica Miller's Religion and Hip Hop
Joseph Winters, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Over the past two decades, hip hop culture has become a lucrative site of scholarship and critical engagement. In response to hasty dismissals of hip hop as nihilistic...

A review of William Irwin Thompson's Beyond Religion: From Shamanism to Religion to Post-Religious Spirituality
Sharon L. Coggan, University of Colorado Denver

Is religion supposed to fit its time and place, or is religion a storehouse for eternal truths, true for all times and places? The Western religions tend to present themselves as...

A review of Lisa J. Shaver, Beyond the Pulpit: Women s Rhetorical Roles in the Antebellum Religious Press
Kerrie L. Carsey, York College of Pensylvania

In recent years, the field of rhetoric studies has seen a boom in scholarship that establishes women's voices...

A review of Clayton Crockett & Jeffrey W. Robbins,
Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New Materialism

Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha, SKB University, India

This book is an outcome of a cognitive rainbow coalition of philosophy, natural sciences, art, social sciences and theology. It is a unique attempt on the part of the writers to string...

Out of the Woods? On Zizek's Less Than Nothing
Adam Kotsko, Shimer College

Descartes once famously declared that someone who is lost in the woods should pick a direction and walk in a straight line. Even if it turns out to be the wrong direction...

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