JCRT 12.3 Spring 2013

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JCRT Special Issue:
 Globalization Theory


Peter Sloterdijk as "First Philosopher" of Globalization
Carl Raschke, University of Denver

Zapatismo and the Global Origins of Occupy
Thomas Nail, University of Denver

The Decontextualization of Asian Religious Practices in the Context of Globalization
Brooke Schedneck, Chiangmai University, Thailand

Beyond the 2008 Financial "Crisis": Global Capital After Marx and Modernism
Gary Bedford, University of Denver

A Drone's Eye View: Global Anti-Terrorism and the Existential Crisis of Just War Theory
Patrick Provost-Smith

Messianic Themes in South Asian Literature: Reading Bibhutibhushan Banerji in the Light of Agamben
Ian Almond, Georgetown University in Qatar

Demographics as Destiny: Globalization and the Resurgence of Religion Through Fertility
Joshua Ramos, University of Denver

Reading Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in Rural Quebec, or Saving "Exotic" Women from "Exotic Men": The Construction of the Religious Subaltern in Light of the 2007 Herouxville Incident
Dragos Stoica, Concordia University





From Alchemy to Revolution: A Conversation with Carl. A. Raschke
Victor Taylor, York College of Pennsylvania
Carl A. Raschke, University of Denver

Interview With Thomas J.J. Altizer
Lissa McCullough, Los Angeles




A Review of Luke Bretherton, Christianity and Contemporary Politics: The Conditions and Possibility of Faithful Witness
Laura E. Alexander, University of Virginia

A Review Essay of Thomas Carlsons The Indiscrete Image: Infinitude and Creation of the Human
Jason Alvis, Univeristy of Denver

A Review of Peter E. Gordon, Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos
Leslie C. Miller, Colorado Mesa University

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