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JCRT Special Issue:
       Pedagogical Exercises and Theories of Practice
T. Wilson Dickinson, Transylvania University
I. Conversing With Our Teachers

Recalling Our Vocation: A Conversation About  Teaching with Mark C. Taylor
Mark C. Taylor, Columbia University
Jeffrey Kosky, Washington and Lee University

Education as Event: A Conversation with John D. Caputo
John D. Caputo, Syracuse University
T. Wilson Dickinson, Transylvania University
Silence, Prayer, and Desire in Pedagogical Practice: 
A Conversation with Sarah Coakley
Sarah Coakley, Univeristy of Cambridge
Tamsin Jones, University of Victoria

II. The Performative Power of Texts
Engaged Philosophy of Religion
Philip Goodchild, University of Nottingham
Performing Religiously Between Passion and Performance
William Robert, Syracuse University
Teaching with Fear and Trembling: The Trail of Abraham,
The Reader and the Professor

T. Wilson Dickinson, Transylvania University

III. Reading, Recitation, and Reflection (with Echoes of Augustine)
Slow Reading: Learning in the Time of the Body
Karmen Mackendrick, Le Moyne College

Psalm Recitation and Post-Secular Time: Augustine, the IPod and Psalm 90
Brian Britt, Virginia Tech
Hexis and Grace: The Formation of Souls at Port Royal and Elsewhere
Rich Cochrane

IV. Emancipatory Pedagogy and Jacques Ranciere
Pedagogy and Radical Equality: Ranciere's Ignorant Schoolmaster
Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas
The Intelligence of the Book: The Religious Studies Classroom as Translation Workshop
Joseph Ballan, University of Copenhagen

V. Bringing the Classroom to Life
Three Classroom Readings of 'Ethnographic Practice' in Religious Studies
Angie Heo, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity
Beyond Moral Development: Theorizing Ethical Practices in Service Learning
Joe Blosser, High Point University

Teaching for Social Justice: Creating a Context for Transformation
Rebecca Todd Peters, Elon University

***Special thanks to our editorial assistants:
Joseph Aldinger, Maria Almanza-Aldinger, and Cate Sacchi St. Pierre


  Jesus Christ: Erri De Luca and the "Self as Stumbling Block"
Elise Montel-Hurlin, Universites de Toulouse et de Lorraine

 Review Essays

A Review of Peter Sloterdijk's Spheres, Volume One: Bubbles
Benjamin Fong, Columbia University


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