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Vol. 10, no. 3 - Summer 2010
Postmodernism, Culture and Religion 4
The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion-
Syracuse University

April 7-9, 2011
Call for papers  -  http://pcr.syr.edu
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Too Poor for Measure: Working With Negri on Poverty and Fabulation
Anthony Paul Smith, University of Nottingham
Daniel Colucciello Barber, Marymont Manhattan College

The classic question of the Left has been, 'Why did the revolution not take
place?' This pessimism is lacking in the work of Antonio Negri, for whom...

Open Spaces, Liminal Places:
The Deployment of the Sacred in Open City

Jonathan David York, South Dakota State University

Roma citta aperta (1945, hereafter Open City) appears to unfold in time, but this is an appearance only. The linearity of the story is a conventional device, a narratological...

Einstein's Jewish Science
Stephen Stern, Gettysburg College
Steven Gimbel, Gettysburg College

Albert Einstein is on most, if not all, lists of twentieth-century Jewish
heroes. So is Chaim Weizmann, who was also a great scientist.

A Tale of Two Doublets: Derrida and Kierkegaard
Jeffrey Hanson, Boston College

In the second essay included in The Gift of Death, Derrida speaks rather directly to a central issue of the book, indeed of all his writing on religious...

Queering Kierkegaard: Sin, Sex and Critical Theory
Ada S. Jaarsma, Mount Royal University

There is an uncanny agreement between the queer rejection of marriage, which resists affirming the legal recognition of same-sex relationships on the grounds...

Following the Words: Heidegger's Account of Religion as Nachfolge
Robert Metcalf, Univeristy of Colorado, Denver

The significant obstacle we face in approaching Martin Heidegger's
thinking about religion is that, at least after the 1920's, Heidegger
addresses religion only indirectly...



Spooky Noises: Ghosts in the Music Machine of
Paul D. Miller (AKA DJ Spooky)

Joshua Delpech-Ramey, Rowan University
Paul D. Miller, DJ Spooky, Thirsty Ear Records

In the years since the dot-com crash, analyses of cyberculture and digital media have begun to reveal--beyond the initially hyperbolic utopianism and apocalyptic portents...


 Book Reviews

Altar to an Unknown God: Daniel Siedell's God in the Gallery
Francis J. Sanzaro III, Syracuse University

Daniel Siedell begins God in the Gallery: A Christian Embrace of Modern Art with an analogy from St. Paul's speech at the Areopagus on Mars Hill, where rather than...
A Review of Carl Raschke's GloboChrist: The Great Commission Takes a Postmodern Turn
Christopher Rodkey, Lebanon Valley College

GloboChrist is a manifesto on the radical possibility of a Christian future; it is bold, often compelling, and radical--but not as radical as it believes itself to be....
A Review of Christine R. Johnson's The German Discovery of the World: Renaissance Encounters with the Strange and Marvelous
Mary Baine Campbell, Brandeis University

Christine R. Johnson has made an invaluable contribution to work on the impact and assimilation of the geographical, economic, and
epistemological expansions...
Twilight of the Humanists: A Review of Frank Donoghue's The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities
Gary Grieve-Carlson, Lebanon Valley College

Judging from the glut of books with the word "last" in their titles, apparently not only the Christian Evangelicals are obsessed with the End Times...
A Review of Richard Kearney's Anatheism: Returning to
God after God

John Burkey, Siena College

Anatheism is a fresh attempt to reconceive the possibility of the sacred for the 21st century, seeking a way, as the subtitle suggests, of "returning to God...
Ideology and Apocalyptic: A Review of Nathan Kerr's Christ, History and Apocalyptic
Daniel Colucciello Barber, Marymount Manhattan College

Postliberalism, which was prominent within Anglophone theological discourse for the last quarter of the twentieth century, seems to have faded away...


  Regionalism or Provincialism? Theology and the Seemingly Continual Crisis in Religious Studies
Mike Grimshaw, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Being part of an international discipline while located at the physical and cultural margins creates a certain perspective. It is this context, in its geographical...

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