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Vol. 10, no. 1 - Winter 2009
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The Secular to Come: Interrogating the Derridean 'Secular'
Mark Cauchi, York University, Toronto

There has been much talk in recent years in both philosophy and politics about what has been called the “return of the religious.”  It is perhaps not surprising….

Messianic Media: Benjamin’s Cinema, Badiou’s Matheme, Negri’s Multitude
Rocco Gangle, Endicott College

Messianic themes resound today not only in popular culture and global politics but also in academic theory.  In contemporary thought the topos of the messianic…


Meditations on Death and the Sublime: Henry Bugbee’s In Demonstration of the Spirit
Ed Mooney, Syracuse University

How do religion, philosophy, and lyric prose or poetry intermingle and animate each other—the first especially in its commemoration of the dead…

Human, Life, and Other Sacred Stuff
William Robert, Syracuse University

"Life is sacred stuff,” writes John Caputo as he affirms his theological proposal for the weakness of God. God, according to Caputo, names an event…


Claude Lefort and the Illegitimacy of Modernity
Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, Independent Researcher, Tübingen, Germany

The French historian, Jean-Claude Monod, claims that there are three waves of political theology in the twentieth century.  This includes the “general democratic reorientation…



Moments of Intense Presence: A Conversation with David Wood
J. Aaron Simmons and David Wood

I have always been fascinated by the accounts that philosophers give of their influences and their own explanation of how... 

 Book Reviews
Eschatizing the Soteriological: Worlding the Word
David L. Miller, Syracuse

These statements, and the perspective to which they point and upon which Gabriel Vahanian insists, place the author in an illustrious company:  Martin…


 Book Profiles


Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction: Christianity and the Battle for the Soul of a Nation, by Rodney Clapp
Christopher Rodkey, Lebanon Valley College

Rodney Clapp’s Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction is not so much a book about Johnny Cash as it is on the American South.  In fact, the book...


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