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Vol. 7, no. 1 - Winter 2005
 New from JCRT
  Pain and the Problems of the Body: “Ontological Frailty” and a Political
Reconsideration of the Corporeal Turn in Theology

Robert Geroux, Marian College
Bodies on Display: Bodies: The Exhibition
Bruce Janz, University of Central Florida
Philosophy and Scripture in Book VII of Augustine's Confessions
Adam S. Miller, Villanova University
Thought and Belief: The Attempt at Speculative Seeing in Hegel
Alon Segev, Philosophisches Seminar Ruprechts -Karl Universität, Heidelberg
Another Investigation of Postcolonial Failure
Bhrigupati Singh, Johns Hopkins University
 Book Profiles
Holiness, Speech and Silence
By Daniel M. Bell, Jr., Lutheran Theological Seminary
Deleuze and Geophilosophy
Brian Buchanan, DePaul University
What is Gnosticism?
Lisa R. Holliday, University of Kentucky
History, Theory Text
B.C. Knowlton, Assumption College
On Bullshit
Dov Lerner, Western GalileeCollege
Book  Reviews
The Deconversion of Hent De Vries
Peter Gilgen, Cornell University
Who Owns Native Culture?
Kenneth H. Lokensgard, Gettysburg College
Stare Decisis: (Forever) Lost in Translation
Neal Magee, Le Moyne College
Confidence Tricks?
R. M. Van De Weg, University of Edinburgh
A Conversation with Slavoj Zizek
Victor E. Taylor, York College of Pennsylvania

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