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Heterological History: A Conversation.
By Edith Wyschogrod, Rice University & 
Carl Raschke, University of Denver.

Mircea Eliade and the Imagination of Matter.
By Charles H. Long, University of North Carolina.

Jesus Christ Holocaust: Fabulation of the Jews in Christian and Nazi History.
By Peter Canning.


Rebellious No.
By Nolle Vahanian, LeMoyne College.

The Ride of Passage: The Pursuit of Danger, Trance, and Failure in Mark Twain, Paul Bowles, and Us
By Frederick J. Ruf, Georgetown University

Difficult History.
By Steven Smith, Millsaps College.

Re-Constructing Theological Thought with Deleuze
By Oz Lorentzen, St. John Fisher College.

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