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The Ambiguous Gift of Desire.
By Charles Winquist, Syracuse University.

The Work of Art in the Age of Alien Reproduction.
By Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University.

The Otherness of Time: Secularisation as Worlding of the Word and the Hallowing of Time.
By Gabriel Vahanian.


Jewish Studies and the Secular University: Religion Between Culture and Philosophy.
By Kenneth Reinhard, UCLA & Julia Reinhard Lupton, UC Irvine

The Rationality of Derrida's "Religion without Religion": A Phenomenological Gift for John D. Caputo.
By Martin Kavka, Rice University.

God and Derrida's Politics: At the Edge of Exemplarity.
By William W. Young III, University of Virginia.

Deconstructing the Great Chain of Being.
By Jonathan Lee, Colorado College.

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